Church of the Guardian Angel

2629 Huntingdon Ave.

Baltimore, MD 21211

410-235-5740 Fax : 410-889-6124

Rev. Alice Jellema, Rector
Times of Worship Services

Sundays : 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM - Eucharist

Wednesdays : 10:15 AM - Healings and Eucharist

Other Activites

Bible Study : Wednesday 11:00 am


Sunday school : Sunday 11:20 am


Huntingdon Ave. is 4 streets west of, and parallel to, Charles St. The church is on the southeast corner of Huntingdon and West 27 St.
The mission of The Church of the Guardian Angel, and the responsibility of each of it's parishioners , is to meet people in situations where the gospel of Jesus Christ can change them and to invite them into the compassion of the Christian community.
We are known best as a center of Christian outreach. We operate both a food pantry and a Thrift Shop. We rent space to a children's day care (Rainbow Bright), a day care, and support program for mentally-ill adults (Transitions), and an employment agency giving free consultation to those seeking entry level jobs (Genesis Jobs).
Our congregation is known to be warm and unqualifiebly accepting, and our small choir is remarkably good.